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Large Room Dividers Improve Space Usage

The Location

Large Open Rooms

The Challenge

Create Manageable Space in Banquet hall.

The Solution

Transform your large room into a more usable space with portable dividers equipped with double doors.

• Freestanding- No track on the floor or ceiling.
• Handicap Accessible- Double swing-style doors provide a larger opening into your newly created space.
• Superior Quality- The accordion partition and doors are constructed from the most reliable parts to provide you with years of dependable use.
• Durable and Secure- Self-leveling casters conform to the varying floor surfaces to offer a stable portable partition.
• Easy to Store: Banquet room partitions store compactly, not affecting the overall appearance of the room.
• Efficient use of Space: By dividing a large room into smaller spaces you are able to offer privacy, additional rooms for more services, and create a quieter environment.
• Elegance Appearance: 36 sizes and 38 fabric and vinyl finishes are available to complement any decor. Whether you need something neutral or would prefer a pop of color, there’s an option for you.
• Various Applications: Banquet halls, stadiums, casinos, restaurants, schools, exhibition halls, airports, government buildings, and worship centers.

Screenflex Dividers are an excellent option when you need large room dividers. They are both versatile and affordable. For more information, speak with one of our sales reps today.

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