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Correctional Facility Germ Barriers

The Location

State Correctional Facility

The Challenge

Prevent Spread of Germs From in Between

The Solution

Keeping inmates safe during their time at a correctional facility is a top priority. In general, when overcrowding occurs in these prisons, infectious diseases can spread easily from person to person. Since these facilities are typically designed to hold as many inmates as possible to keep the rest of the community safe, this scenario is likely. In these examples above, Screenflex Clear Dividers are placed in between tables and other common areas. These dividers work as germ barriers for any correctional facility.

As shown, there is a combination of both the one-panel and three-panel plexiglass screens in between the tables. These panels are 6’2 in height and therefore should shield the average person. While Screenflex also manufactures fabric-covered dividers, their plexiglass partitions allow communication and clear sightlines through to the other side. This feature is especially important in a jail setting so the staff can still keep an eye out on the inmates while minimizing contagious diseases from spreading. With locking corner casters along the bottom, extra sturdiness supports these panels. This durability comes especially in handy in high traffic areas like the hallways in the pictures. While germ barriers don’t guarantee to stop viruses from spreading entirely, they can certainly help any correctional facility slow down contagion.

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