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Welding Facility Enclosure

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The Location

Tech School

The Challenge

Create a Safe Welding Facility

The Solution

To become a professional welder, obtaining a four-year degree is not always necessary. Many vocational schools will offer a certification that people complete in as little as six months. During the training included for the certification, a suitable and safe environment to practice and learn is essential. Especially when working with fire, it’s crucial for the items surrounding the area to be as non-flammable as possible. As these schools have many safety standards to uphold for their welding facility, the leaders are looking for ways to efficiently enclose their workshops.

The Screenflex Fire Resistant Dividers used in these pictures have a Class A fire retardant fabric, meaning they can handle the severe fire exposure a welding area can have. As shown, the partitions adjust to various shapes. The screens come in three to thirteen panels, and can either partially surround the area or completely enclose it. If the room is in use for both a class and a workshop, the sound-absorbing dividers can help minimize distraction. These barriers with full-length hinges also give people without protective eyewear the appropriate safety from dangerous UV glare. The open space at the bottom of the screen provides airflow and offers ample room for hoses and power cords. By using these dividers, trade school instructors can provide both a flexible and secure welding facility.

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