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Folding Partition Walls for Home Use

The Location

Home Basement

The Challenge

Create a temporary bedroom space in the basement

The Solution

Though typically used for industrial or business use, occasionally, Screenflex dividers find their way into our customers’ homes. Originally when our customer, Darrel, was looking at folding partition walls, he intended to create a home office in his basement. Especially since working from home is becoming more common, employees need a dedicated and private space. However, due to the versatility of Screenflex portable room dividers, this family discovered another use for these temporary walls: an additional bedroom! The kids in this family now have their own room because of using their Screenflex privacy partitions in their basement.

As shown, their Standard Divider folds in an “L” shape to create a room out of the corner of the basement. These dividers have a tackable fabric so team posters and signs can easily hang up without damage. Each panel also has a honeycomb core that absorbs some of the excess noise and echoes. The dividers also have corner casters that lock for extra sturdiness and to hold the shape. Darrel mentioned that their Screenflex product helped his boys have their own space. We are happy that our customer could update their home by using a Screenflex folding partition wall.

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