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Airport Escalator Maintenance Barrier

The Location

Airport Escalator

The Challenge

Create a safety barrier around a maintenance area

The Solution

At a place like an airport where technology is everywhere, routine maintenance is part of the norm. However, airports need a way to remain open while keeping their patrons safe. As shown in the pictures, when the airport escalator required maintenance, the staff placed a safety barrier around it. This temporary wall successfully deters people from using the escalator while giving the workers privacy. For the best safety barrier around the escalator, use Screenflex Portable Walls.

This airport used two Screenflex Standard Dividers to connect to create a partially enclosed room around the escalators. All of the Screenflex freestanding dividers have the option of coming as a “Left” or “Right” unit that folds correspondingly. As shown, the airport connected one of each so they could create a box-like shape. In addition to the physical barrier, this airport also put up signage for extra safety precautions. Screenflex fabric panels are tackable so that the airport can display this signage without damage to the temporary walls. When the staff completes the escalator maintenance, the portable barrier can fold up and move to other parts of the airport. If the dividers need to be stored, they can also close to create a compact 2ft by 3ft space.

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