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Art Displays

Screenflex art display panels are a great way to promote and showcase artwork. The “Art Displays in Action” section of this market shows many examples of room dividers used as portable art display boards.

Our art display boards roll on wheels that make them easy move into place.  No assembly required. Setup in a variety of configurations to create the best in art fair design.

Portable Art Display Walls and Systems

Suggested Products for Art Displays

Screenflex Portable Art Display Panels Perfect for Art Displays in Churches, Schools, Corporations, Hotels, Government Facilities, and More

How Can Screenflex Art Show Display Panels Help You?

Our art display systems can assist you in a variety of ways. From providing a space for portable art shows to creating a space for semi-permanent displays or even a place to pin creative ideas, our art display panels make it easy for you to showcase anything! You can also use our systems to partition off portions of rooms.

Our systems have become widely known for:

More Than Just Pretty Art Display Systems

Show off your students’ art projects using Screenflex’s portable art display walls or winged art display towers.  When selecting an art display wall, one of the most important features to consider is its tackability or the ease of affixing your artwork to its surface. At Screenflex, we have combined superb engineering and quality materials to create an excellent tack-able surface. The closed cell honeycomb core, double-layered fiberglass, and fabric covering make for not only great tack-ability, but a sturdy, attractive art display panel that easily accepts staples, pushpins, and thumbtacks for your gallery of photos.

Screenflex room dividers not only function as portable art display panels but also as portable room dividers. This versatility gives you two products in one:

This versatility gives you two products in one:

    • Art show display panels to show off works of art
    • A portable room divider to use anywhere in your facility in any number of ways.

Screenflex also makes movable, rolling art display towers, designed to function as winged art show display walls. Art display towers are available in three- and six-wing models and two heights. These freestanding towers can also be used to display information in lobbies and registration areas.

There truly is no limit when it comes to uses for our art display panels! You can find specific details about the construction of our quality, American-made products within the pages of this website. For more information about our temporary display and divider systems, please contact us today!