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Freestanding Art Display Boards

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The Location

Lower Manhattan Community Middle School

The Challenge

Freestanding and Portable Display Surface for Art Show

The Solution

Since many art displays are not permanent, finding a portable surface is especially important. For instance, Lower Manhattan Community Middle School needed a moveable art display for their upcoming show. The school’s art teacher reached out to Screenflex for a product to showcase her students’ work for an event occurring in two weeks. With help from a Screenflex Sales Consultant, this teacher got a high-quality freestanding art display board in an efficient timeline.

The Screenflex Standard Room Divider is a great tool to showcase any item. These dividers are topped with tackable fabric, making it easy to display artwork without ruining the surface afterward. The black partition in the picture helps the images tacked on it stand out in contrast. For durability in any environment, the boards have a stable support base and steel end frames. Depending on the number of attendees the art show will attract, having a sturdy device for crowd control can be important for safety. The screens rest on self-leveling casters creating an easily portable unit for multiple locations. By being freestanding, these dividers also have more options for where they can be placed. This divider is an excellent addition to any school or art show.

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