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Pop-Up Student Art Show

The Location

Gardner High School-Gardner, MA

The Challenge

Create a pop up art display show

The Solution

When your students create new pieces for their classes, they deserve a chance to showcase them. However, since a student art show isn’t all year round, having a pop-up showcase is the best solution. Gardner High School in Massachusetts needed an option for their art show coming up. By reaching out to Screenflex, they found portable display panels that were perfect for their needs.

This school purchased several Screenflex Display Towers for their show. Since these panels are portable, they are easy to move to different areas of the building. The fabric on these towers is tackable so that these educators can pin art to them repeatedly without damage to the panels. Here’s what our contact, Joshua Cornier, had to say about Screenflex in his facility:

“These art panels were a game-changer for our (pop-up) All School Student Art Show. We could get them ready in our respective buildings and then fold them down compactly to transport them to the show’s location. Having them on wheels made the show’s setup a breeze, and now we have mobile shows in our buildings as a result of the ease of setup. They are so compact that we can store them in our supply closet behind a door.”

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