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Elementary School Art Show

The Location

Los Altos School District- California

The Challenge

Display Elementary School Student Artwork in a Show

The Solution

Schools everywhere always find ways for kids to practice and express their creativity. Hosting an art show is one of the best ways to showcase your student’s creative abilities at an elementary, middle, or high school. An elementary school in the Los Altos School District needed more display surfaces for their student art show. By reaching out to Screenflex, these educators could get several portable display boards to accommodate all of their students’ art.

Screenflex freestanding dividers allow teachers a lot of adaptability in their spaces. Kimberly Dickerson, our contact at the school district, mentioned that they can arrange and fold the panels in many ways. The portable walls can create a variety of shapes because they fold accordion-style. They also stay in place because of the position control hinges and locking corner casters. This feature helps add safety measures to an elementary school art show with a lot of foot traffic. The dividers all include tackable fabric that allows educators to attach the art without damage to the panels.

Kimberly told Screenflex that the school loved these panels so much they became repeat customers for other uses in their district.

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