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Stable Support Base

Is the shape of the end frame important for stability?

Absolutely! If you ask yourself what is the most stable object you can think of, your answer would probably be a mountain or one of the pyramids. What do these two have in common? They are both narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Think of a triangle. This design prevents them from being top-heavy and gives them the most stability. The Screenflex end frame is designed in this same fashion for maximum stability and safety.

A Screenflex Room Divider stores in a 2'x3' space

Room dividers nest together for compact storage

Our steel end frame design distributes the weight of the divider closer to the floor making Screenflex the ONLY patented “Stabilized Portable Room Divider” (Patent #6892784).  

Tubular steel end frames are wide only at the bottom. This design creates a low center of gravity, which makes the temporary units more stable. We use steel for our end frames and framing because while it’s more expensive than aluminum, we know it makes for a safer, sturdier divider. This patented design also gives you greater ease of movement and a clear sight line when moving and repositioning your divider.


Stable Support Base is standard on the following products: Standard Room DividersDry Erase/TackableGSA Dividers, Fire Resistant

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