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Library Privacy Walls

Market: Government - GSA
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The Location

City Library

The Challenge

Create Semi-Private Workstations for Library-Goers

The Solution

It’s no secret that libraries are a quiet and controlled atmosphere. Save for some designated collaboration areas, libraries are shared locations where people can get their solo work done. However, in any working environment, a lack of privacy can be distracting all in itself. If people are sitting in an open floorplan with several standard desks and chairs, they can sometimes get distracted by others around them. For a simple and affordable way to create privacy is by using portable library walls.

Shown above, Healthflex Dividers partially surround small study areas in a library. Due to their lightweight functionality and small end frame, these dividers easily fit in any space. These privacy walls can bend at a 90-degree angle, which forms a small room and can partially enclose a chair or workspace in the library. The panels also fold accordion-style for compact storage or a unique design. The end casters also lock to hold the partition in its place. Even though privacy screens are lightweight, they absorb excess noise with their honeycomb core. For this reason, these partitions can limit auditory distractions as well as visual. These freestanding portable walls are the perfect addition to any library need.