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Flexible Meeting Area that Improves Your Military Space

Market: Government - GSA
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The Location

Military Training Facility Rendering

The Challenge

Meeting Room Privacy Screens

The Solution

Before departing for service and upon their return, military personnel and reserves need to take part in briefing meetings regarding their mission. These meetings might take place in a hangar, a warehouse, an office, or a base. Sometimes, when a private space is not accessible, military personnel create their own. In an environment that is consistently adaptable, the meeting space needs to be as well. By using a Screenflex Portable Partition to manage this space, a semi-private military meeting area is formed.

It is essential to create more intimate areas to gather and promote focused sessions and confidentiality. These movable and sound-absorbing walls offer the flexibility you need for altering your facility space for meetings, training, meals, interviews, and so much more. The tackable fabric allows you to display meeting notes without damage to the dividers. The partitions fold accordion-style to accommodate most room sizes and shapes. The military meeting area can even partially surround a table as shown above. Resting on self-leveling casters, the dividers can easily move from room to room. To use, roll the portable privacy screens into position, lock the corner casters, and enjoy your newly created space.