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Government Facility Barriers

The Location

Local Village Hall

The Challenge

Clear Protective Barrier for Village Hall Entryway

The Solution

Since local government buildings can have a variety of uses, their space needs to be adaptable. From seating arrangements to areas meant for gathering, it’s essential to have furniture that works for many possible needs. In addition to seating arrangements and tabletops, government facility barriers for crowd control and germ prevention are also good to have. As shown in the picture, portable room dividers can create a defined walkway and close off seating areas. Screenflex offers the best quality room dividers for public spaces.

Screenflex has a variety of dividers that can quickly adapt to a room. The clear dividers pictured are a strong plexiglass material and come in either one or three panels. The acrylic panels are wet-erase compatible and easy to clean when necessary. By using a see-through barrier instead of a fabric-covered one, there can be a controlled area while still allowing communication through it. In the event of a disease outbreak, these clear dividers can help businesses resume as normally as possible while adding an extra layer of protection from germs spreading. Other freestanding dividers are covered in a polyester fabric that is both tackable and sound-absorbing. For crowd control, minimizing sound, and different social distancing needs, government facility barriers by Screenflex are the best option.