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Plexiglass Reception Barriers

The Location

Ophthalmology Office

The Challenge

Create a Barrier for Crowd Control and Germ Prevention

The Solution

In the medical world, adjustments in practices happen all the time. From new illnesses to new changes in the treatment of existing ones, healthcare facilities have to adapt at the drop of a hat. To ease the transition of these changes, portable dividers can help. If hospital leaders are looking to prevent germs from spreading, they can use plexiglass reception barriers at check-in.

As pictured, Screenflex Clear Plexiglass Dividers come in either 1 or 3-panel units for maximum flexibility. These partitions are 6’2″ in height shielding the average person while standing and are the perfect see-through barricade. Usually, when people use a clear divider vs a fabric-covered one, it’s because they need to communicate or monitor the other side. This action is necessary at a check-in area so the workers can call on who is next in line. Having a window-like barrier also adds a layer of protection against germs, and especially, infectious diseases. Since adaptability is the goal in a hospital setting, these plexiglass reception barriers are both portable and easy to store. The 3-panel screens fold easily and can be moved without an issue to the desired storage room. For germ prevention at a check-in area that is flexible and moveable, Screenflex Clear Dividers are the best available option.

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