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Vaccination Clinic Privacy Cubicles

The Location

Integrated Health- Pittsburgh, PA

The Challenge

Create three cubicle areas for vaccination clinic

The Solution

Since vaccine clinics are regular events in the United States, facilities need a setup that is adaptable for the occasion. The best way to accomplish this flexibility while allowing privacy for the patients is to include portable walls. The clinicians at Integrated Health 21 in Pittsburgh were looking to create multiple privacy cubicles for their vaccination clinic. As a solution, they reached out to Screenflex for freestanding and adaptable portable walls.

As shown, Integrated Health used three Screenflex Standard Dividers to create their vaccination sites. Because these dividers fold accordion-style, they were able to create a few shapes within their space. In the far left side of the picture shows one of the dividers at a ninety-degree angle, while the unit on the far-right appears more rounded. This versatility allows facility owners to shape their space in countless ways. Not only do these screens give patients visual privacy but also some auditory privacy as well. Inside each of the panels is a closed-cell honeycomb core that helps trap sound waves and dampen excess noise. When patients are sharing personal information, this feature is especially important. In general, creating several privacy cubicles in any vaccination clinic will help you have a safe and efficient event.

Patient Privacy • Noise Reduction

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