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Government Reception Barriers

The Location

Government Building Reception Area

The Challenge

Enhance Crowd Control and Social Distancing in Government Facility

The Solution

Government facilities will always be public-facing. Since officials are creating policies for the United States, civilians should be able to come in and speak to them. Depending on the location, however, this action can generate a lot of foot traffic and even crowd control issues. What’s the solution? Use Screenflex Portable Room Dividers as government reception barriers.

As shown in the picture, the Clear Dividers are an excellent tool for crowd control. They are a great way for people to social distance from one another while still being able to communicate with the other side. These dividers have sturdy plexiglass panels that offer a wet-erase surface if needed. Plexiglass material is easy to clean off as well. All of these screens are 6’2″ tall, which easily shields most average-sized humans. Resting on self-leveling casters, the plexiglass walls can effortlessly move to any desired location. The end casters also lock in place for plenty of sturdiness. These dividers fit many diverse needs and come in either one or three panels. Screenflex offers plenty of other options of partitions to help with crowd control and social distancing as well. For your government reception barrier need, give one of our sales reps a call today.