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Airport Gate Barriers

The Location

Airport Boarding Area

The Challenge

Create a Clear Barrier to Help Prevent Germs From Spreading While Boarding

The Solution

Airports attract large groups of people who all have the same thing in common: Wanting to get on their respective planes safely and efficiently. On top of security check-ins, there are other ways to help keep passengers and staff safe. Since airports do have crowds in their facility every single day, measures to prevent illness are important. To create a protective shield in between people, use clear airport gate barriers.

As shown in the picture, Screenflex Clear Dividers come in either one or three panels for different uses. These partitions create that protective shield needed while allowing communication through it. When passengers are boarding the plane they can simply hold up their boarding pass to the plexiglass surface while the airport staff scans it. The dividers are also portable and therefore usable in any area of the airport. If there are low traffic times, the screens can be stored easily. The one-panel unit stores as is and the three-panel unit folds accordion-style into a compact space. Both of these units are also 6’2 in height, shielding the average person. These airport gate barriers are an excellent addition to any terminal for many different uses.