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DMV Station Separation

Market: Government - GSA
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The Location

Local DMV

The Challenge

Create individual stations for government buildings

The Solution

Anyone who owns a driver’s license or government ID knows how crowded the DMV can get during their visit. Since DMV’s and other government buildings do create crowds of all sizes, proper facility management is necessary. By placing a portable room divider in between each station, you create a physical boundary that prevents overcrowding as the facility manager. As shown in this example, this particular DMV placed Screenflex temporary walls for the separation of each station. This tactic not only helps manage crowds but also provides privacy to people using the services.

The wall dividers shown are not only portable but are also temporary for easy adaptation as well. These room partitions enhance the organization of the overall foot traffic. Since the fabric on each panel is tackable, you can easily pin booth numbers to add to this organization. Another feature of these partitions is their sound-absorbing capabilities. While there is no soundproof room divider, Screenflex helps deaden excess echoes and enhance white noise. In a big room with dozens of people, white noise allows a similar amount of privacy to a “soundproof” counterpart. In general, for the best room division and station separation needs at your DMV, Screenflex has the answer.