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Socially Distant Program Dividers

The Location

Options of Linn County- Cedar Rapids, IA

The Challenge

Create Socially Distant Programs in a Large Space

The Solution

All adult disability services could use flexibility in their facility. Since these facilities typically have a variety of people coming in and out for their programs, having a portable partition can help maximize their space. Especially in times when people want to limit contagion, room dividers can help these programs remain socially distant. When Options of Linn County was looking for room dividers, they reached out to Screenflex for assistance. Together, with their salesperson, they were able to find the right products for their needs.

As shown, Options picked out multiple Screenflex Standard Dividers to help partition off their space. These screens created smaller areas in their large multipurpose room for multiple programs at once. These dividers stand at 6 feet tall, so they can protect the average human from germs. The partitions also help dampen excess noise that occurs from a big room with a lot of people in it. Inside each panel is a honeycomb core that helps absorb echoes. In times of a pandemic or epidemic, room dividers also prevent people in programs from gathering in large groups and remain socially distant from each other. Our contact at Option also told us that their products were easy to set up and make different arrangements as well.