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Airport Security Checkpoint Dividers

The Location

O'Hare Airport

The Challenge

Crowd Control Barrier at Security Checkpoint

The Solution

It’s no secret that security checkpoints in airports need crowd control. In high traffic times especially, TSA workers sometimes need help and reinforcement from their surroundings to successfully control the traffic of large groups of people. We’ve all seen the rope stanchions set up that guide us through the long lines. However, once we get to the actual checkpoint, something a little sturdier might work better. A portable wall, for instance, can work great in a high traffic area like an airport. At O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Screenflex Portable Room Dividers are found at one of the security checkpoints for extra crowd control.

As shown in the pictures, three Light Duty Partitions block off part of a security checkpoint. Each divider is 3 panels long, combining them all to over seventeen feet in their total length. These freestanding partitions are easy to move with the wheels along the bottom. These casters also lock to hold the divider in place. If O’Hare needed to display items along these portable walls, these could do so with ease since the fabric is tackable. These versatile room dividers can also be used as a blockade for terminals that are closed or in repair. In general, for a safe airport security checkpoint, room dividers should be the way to go.