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Correctional Facility Frosted Dividers

The Location

Correctional facility

The Challenge

Create Privacy for Inmates in Sleeping Areas

The Solution

In an ever-changing environment such as a correctional facility or holding cell, there needs to be room for adaptability. Since there can be new inmates at any given time, the space itself should be easy to move around. For this reason, portable room dividers are essential for crowd control and even privacy for the inmates. For an excellent portable divider in a correctional facility, try Screenflex Frosted Dividers.

As shown, the frosted option of Screenflex Clear Dividers offers privacy to the beds in the correctional facility. Even though these panels allow some light to pass through, they are translucent enough to allow seclusion. As a correctional officer, some visibility of inmates is imperative, which is why entirely opaque barriers might not be the best fit. Since these dividers rest on self-leveling casters, they can easily move to different parts of the facility when new inmates arrive. The panels stand at 6’2, which easily shield the average person. In addition to the three-panel frosted dividers shown, these partitions can also come in a one-panel or five-panel option as well. These options give any facility the adaptability they need and fit nearly any space.