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Election Day Privacy Screens

The Location

DMV Voting Booth

The Challenge

Create voter privacy during elections

The Solution

Before the hustle and bustle of a busy election, you need to make sure your voting facility is prepped and ready for it. Most election day facilities will have privacy screens or booths surrounding each individual station. As shown in the picture, these booths need appropriate spacing between each, so voters submit their ballot in absolute privacy. Screenflex Standard Dividers work great as temporary voting cube barriers. These partitions fold accordion-style, which allows the “L-shape” shown.

Another important feature is the casters along the bottom of the dividers. These wheels allow the partitions easy portability and adjust over any surface as necessary for ultimate stability. Since election day occurs every year to two years between local and national, Screenflex provides the best option for a temporary and reusable privacy screen. When needing to display signage, you can pin, staple, or tack it onto the fabric without damaging the panels. This feature is perfect for hanging up election signs, maps, or anything else, making the experience easier and more efficient. Once voting concludes at your facility, you can close up the dividers in a compact 2 ft by 3ft space. Get your space ready with the best partitions on the market.