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Assisted Living Social Distancing

The Location

Cafeteria in Assisted Living

The Challenge

Limit Contagion for Senior Living Environments

The Solution

Senior Living facilities are a great resource for the elderly of the world. Many of these places offer not only shelter and food but also a sense of community as well. However, since these places can be an ecosystem of germs and illness, a contingency plan in the case of a disease outbreak is important. How can these facilities maintain the senior’s lifestyle in the case of an epidemic? Using assisted living social distancing barriers can help keep this population engaged when times get tough.

Screenflex Clear Dividers can help germs from spreading in a group where it may be common. These sleek and sturdy dividers come in either one or three panels and can fit in many locations. As shown in the picture above, these partitions can even fit in between tables of a cafeteria to help with social distancing. Each panel is plexiglass material and easy to clean at the end of the day, which helps with most assisted living hygiene standards. The casters along the bottom can easily glide over any surface and also lock in place for extra sturdiness. For any assisted living social distancing need, Screenflex dividers are the best products.

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