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Assisted Living and Long-Term Care

Create Private Space to Improve Resident Experience

One of the top benefits to an assisted living environment is its ability to maintain flexible living arrangements and common area spaces that can quickly adjust to changing needs.

Today senior living facilities look more like resorts offering workout rooms, social activities, meal preparation, clubs, and classes.  Screenflex portable partitions allow you to segment your current space into multiple rooms so you can expand your services which add to the health and quality of life of your residents.

Suggested Products for Assisted Living Facilities

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to long-term professional care facilities. Caring for each resident creates its own benefits and challenges.  Having a flexible space and versatile room dividers help to make your community space adaptable to individual needs, services, and medical assistance.

Benefits of using Room Dividers in Assisted Living Centers

  • Adapts your space to changing needs by rolling a room divider into place
  • No need to assemble your portable partition
  • Opportunity to offer more activities
  • One person setup
  • Customizable (with 36 sizes and 38 colors) to compliment any living space
  • Movable tackable display boards
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Room dividers roll on self-leveling casters that remain in contact with the floor at all times providing a stable and sturdy divider that is safe in all environments. Merely move the partition into place, open the expandable walls, and engage the locking-corner caster to secure the divider into your desired configuration.

Choose between vinyl or fabric-covered portable classroom dividers to match your senior care center’s decor or to accent any space with a splash of color! Fabric-covered movable walls are tackable to display information and encourage socialization.  Vinyl-covered partitions wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Portable room dividers help you; divide a room to offer more services, create privacy wherever needed, dampen noise, make backdrops for guest speakers, or create a storage area.