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Hospital Room Barrier

The Location

Hospital Patient Room

The Challenge

Create a Barrier for Contagious Patients

The Solution

Patients with infectious diseases fill various hospital beds every day. Most medical facilities have procedures to isolate these people when the demand is not too high. In the case of pandemics though, isolation rooms tend to overbook and leave many people unprotected from the spread of the illness. How can medical experts create isolation rooms in a pinch? Screenflex can provide portable hospital barriers for quarantined patients in a pandemic situation.

In the picture, Screenflex Clear Dividers make an “L” shape to partially surround the hospital bed. While isolation helps patients heal without spreading the virus, loneliness can affect them too when they can’t see their families. The clear panels allow patients to communicate freely with visitors and medical staff without spreading germs to them. These partitions are also easy to clean for extra sanitization. Since hospitals are ever-changing, the casters on the bottom of the dividers allow for flexibility and moving them from room to room. The corner casters also lock in place to create a sturdy base surrounding the patient. The partitions can fold accordion-style for compact storage when they are not in use and can be re-used when necessary as well. For a multi-use hospital barrier, Screenflex Room Dividers have the perfect product.

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