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Partitioning Off A Hallway

The Location

Community Health Professionals- Van Wert, OH

The Challenge

Temporarily blocking a hallway

The Solution

Room dividers can have a variety of uses in your facility. These tools are essential for your space, from creating new rooms to even partitioning off a hallway. In a public building, sometimes the goal is to direct traffic away from specific areas. Community Health Professionals, in particular, used Screenflex Room Dividers to separate their hallway from the flow of traffic temporarily.

Permanently blocking a portion of a walkway can be a fire hazard so the partitions needed to be both freestanding and portable. Community Health Professionals ultimately chose a five-panel Light Duty divider for partitioning off their hallway. These screens are sturdy yet lightweight and easily move over any surface. While most of Screenflex’s room dividers have a U-shaped end frame for stability, the Light Duty Partition is stable enough without it because of its (generally) smaller size and weight distribution. Screenflex only manufactures this particular partition in three and five panels which is how its size remains smaller. These shorter lengths and stable support bases are perfect for separating small areas in your facility, like hallways. Then when you need to move them out of the way, they close up for compact 2ft by 3ft space for storage.

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