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Medical Dividers for Portable Privacy

Market: Healthcare
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The Location

Emergency Room

The Challenge

Manage Patient Overflow in Crowded Hospitals

The Solution

Emergency rooms are fast-paced, ever-changing environments. Since no day looks the same in this setting, both the staff and equipment need to be adaptable. Sometimes when a massive triage event happens, hospitals can run out of private areas for the patient. It’s vital to have a backup plan to support as many patients as possible. By using portable medical dividers instead of curtains, hospital staff can create privacy areas anywhere in their facility. For the best portability, use the freestanding partitions by Screenflex.

Screenflex Room Dividers have a wide variety of sizes and fabrics to fit any need. In the picture above, each divider has seven panels and is six feet tall. Hygiene is especially important in medical settings, and all equipment must be sterile and easy to clean. The vinyl fabric that covers these dividers are a harder material, making cleaning simple without damage to the panels. These medical dividers can also have an added antimicrobial agent on it as well for extra sanitation. The panels fold accordion-style, which can create a variety of shapes. Surrounding a patient’s bed, you can either have a rounded corner or a right angle, depending on preference. To store the portable walls simply fold them up accordion-style for compact storage.

Patient Privacy • Noise Reduction

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