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Temporary Nurse Clinic Dividers

The Location

Lorain County Joint Voc. School

The Challenge

Create Separation and Privacy Between Patients in a Nurse's Clinic

The Solution

What do you do when you need additional space? When the pandemic hit, Lorain County Joint Vocational School was looking for ways to keep their students healthy and safe. For example, they soon realized that they had to increase their nurse clinic’s size if they were going to enhance social distancing. The plan for this extra clinic space was to place temporary walls for patient privacy. As a solution to their privacy needs, this school reached out to Screenflex Portable Dividers for their temporary nurse clinic.

The Screenflex products that create this space shown in the video were three of our Standard Room Dividers. Like most of our customers who need a sterile environment, our contact at Lorain County wanted the vinyl covering on their dividers. Since the vinyl is a harder material than our fabric offerings, it is also easier to clean. Our vinyl privacy screens also come with a built-in antimicrobial coating for that extra sanitation as well. The teachers over at this school said they enjoy these products. When asked what is the top benefits of their temporary walls, our contact said “portability and ease of cleaning.” It’s easy to see how both factors of the dividers create an excellent solution for a temporary nurse clinic. We at Screenflex loved seeing their video of their dividers in use!

Patient Privacy • Noise Reduction

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