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Immunization Clinic Privacy with Room Dividers

Market: Healthcare
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The Location

Todamar, Inc. - Lockport, NY.

The Challenge

Use a divider for privacy at a vaccination clinic

The Solution

Vaccines are a huge part of the reason modern healthcare is so effective. Throughout history, new viruses that spread relentlessly from person to person like COVID, Polio, Tetanus, etc. all have a vaccine to limit contagion. Because of its effectiveness, healthcare workers and pharma companies typically host clinics for vaccinations. However, when there is a long line of patients, privacy can sometimes be an issue. When Todamar, Inc. put on an immunization clinic, their solution to giving patients privacy while filling out their paperwork was by using a room divider. Reaching out to us at Screenflex, we helped them find the perfect product for their needs.

As shown, the employees at Todamar chose a seven-panel Standard Divider. This particular partition is 6 ft tall which easily hides the average person. While they curved the partitions into a soft semi-circle, they can also be shaped in a variety of different ways. Our contact, Tim, said that they were able to create usable space out of a previously untouched area because of the room dividers. These easy-for-motion partitions are perfect for privacy in any immunization clinic and helping the medical community in times of need.

Patient Privacy • Noise Reduction

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