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Healthcare Patient Privacy Partition

Market: Health Care
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Blue patient privacy curtain separates beds

The Location

Medical Center

The Challenge

Treatment Pods

The Solution

Screenflex Portable Room Dividers has been providing the healthcare industry with portable patient privacy walls since 1988.  Screenflex is glad to partner with the medical profession in providing a safe, clean, and private space for patients to heal.  Our patient privacy screens are available in two finishes fabric or vinyl.  Fabric walls can be treated with an antimicrobial coating to prevent the spread of germs.  Our vinyl walls easily wipe clean for a sanitary surface. Each panel is designed to absorb ambient noise to create a calming environment for patients.  The proprietary frame system allows the divider to be freestanding and does not require installation.  This design makes it easy to configure around hospital beds and medical equipment.  Screenflex dividers easily roll on self-leveling casters through doorways, hallways, and provide ample clearance to the ceiling fixtures and HVAC systems.  Room dividers can be arranged in multiple configurations to accommodate your space.



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