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Patient Check In Barrier

The Location

Doctor's Office

The Challenge

Create a Clear Barrier for Patient Check In

The Solution

It’s no secret that a doctor’s office, or even a school’s medical wing, can carry a lot of germs from the sick people that enter it. While there are procedures and protocols to keep these facilities immaculate, some bacteria and viruses can still slip through the cracks and infect others. In the case of a pandemic, this possibility increases since many regional people are affected at the same time. So how do school nurses and doctors protect themselves when there is a mass outbreak of disease? A sometimes overlooked area in regards to hygiene happens right when the patients and students walk in. To give themselves extra protection against illness and mass outbreaks, medical staff are using Screenflex Dividers at the patient check-in.

Screenflex Clear Dividers are the best way to create a see-through barrier that helps protect against germs. The one-panel dividers pictured here allow patients to communicate with their nurse or receptionist with an unobstructed view. These panels are easy to clean and are sturdy enough to withstand the test of time. With the self-leveling casters, these dividers are portable and store well when they are not in use. For a hygienic patient check-in, Screenflex Clear Dividers are the perfect barrier for the safety of both patients and the medical staff.

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