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Senior Activity Room Partitions

The Location

Senior Care Facility

The Challenge

Create a Germ Barrier for Senior Social Areas

The Solution

Senior care centers are excellent facilities for the world’s elderly. These places not only offer a place to live, but also entertainment and a community as well. The issue with these places, however, is that it’s common for illness to spread in them. Many residents have lower immune systems due to age and other issues and are therefore more prone to catching viruses. In the case of an outbreak in the facility, it’s essential to plan out a way to still allow some social activity to occur. This is why, in the activity room, partitions could be a good supplement.

As shown above, Screenflex Clear Dividers help create a barrier between people while still allowing them to communicate. These screens use a plexiglass material that is not only sturdy but also easy to clean in between use. In either one or three panels, there is a divider for any size or shape room. These partitions also rest on self-leveling casters, making them easily moveable to any area of the room. Standing at 6’2″ these partitions can also fit under most standard doorways to move from room to room effortlessly. For the best activity room partitions, use high-quality products from Screenflex.

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