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Tax Preparation Area for Seniors

The Location

Aging & Disability Resource Center of Door County

The Challenge

Offer Privacy for Seniors Consulting with an AARP Volunteers

The Solution

Senior care facilities offer their residents many different amenities. One service that is particularly useful is free help with their taxes. At the ADRC of Door County, they bring in AARP volunteers to help their residents file their taxes. The only issue is that they didn’t have a specific room for it and had to create their own. By using one of their Screenflex portable room dividers, the employees were able to give their residents the necessary privacy for the tax preparation area.

As shown in the picture, a Screenflex Standard Divider rests in a large hallway next to the workspace. These dividers provide a solid barrier, minimizing any wandering eyes on the documents. The honeycomb core in the center of the divider also helps absorb sound and minimize extra echoes. These employees also tacked a sign-up sheet on the outside to help direct people to the right place. The fabric along the panels are easily tackable and don’t damage after use. When it is no longer tax season, the portable partitions can either fold together to store or are reusable for another time. The people at ADRC are pleased with their dividers, and the privacy it brings to their temporary tax preparation area.

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