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Educator Desk Germ Barrier

The Location

School Library

The Challenge

Create a See Through Barrier for Educators

The Solution

Schools and libraries are common places for germs and viruses to spread. From picking up books to kids playing together, bacteria are a consistent part of the education system. There are certain times, whether during a flu season or an epidemic, where this is especially true. The question is, how do you minimize viruses spreading from teachers to students and vice versa? An excellent product for this situation is an educator desk germ barrier from Screenflex.

Made out of plexiglass, these portable clear dividers are the perfect solution to protect both students and teachers. These partitions are freestanding and portable thanks to the casters along the bottom. The casters also lock in place for maximum sturdiness. A benefit of a freestanding divider is promoting a clutter-free workspace. A tabletop screen, however, can cause more clutter. While the divider in the picture has three panels, this particular product also comes in a one-panel unit as well for other scenarios. Each panel is wet-erase compatible and easy to clean at the end of the day. When the screen is not needed, it can be stored quickly and compactly until the next use. For a high-quality germ barrier for your educator desk, check out Screenflex Portable Partitions.

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