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Hidden Storage for Stacked Chairs

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The Location

Atonement Lutheran School- Milwaukee, WI

The Challenge

Create a new storage area for stacked chairs and other furniture

The Solution

Extra chairs and other furniture are essential for events, including assemblies, concerts, and other gatherings in any school setting. However, if you don’t have enough space in storage, you may need to find a place to keep hundreds of chairs when they are not in use. Atonement Lutheran School devised a solution for keeping their chair storage partially hidden: Screenflex portable partitions.

These educators keep their chairs in the hallway where kids pass through from class to class. As shown, a Screenflex Standard Partition helps keep their chair storage neatly tucked away and mostly hidden from sight. The partition also doubles as a safety barrier for students, especially in large groups. As an unexpected benefit, the panels are tackable, allowing educators to display artwork and other signage.

Since this setup is only a temporary hidden chair storage area, the dividers are easy to move out of the way when a permanent solution takes place. Standard Room Dividers quickly close into a tight 2ft by 3ft space and move from room to room. In general, the contacts at the Atonement School expressed that they like the quality of the dividers and their new storage area that came from them.

Divide Classrooms • Reduce Noise • Display Materials

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