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Small Group Lessons in a Classroom Setting

The Location

Island Lake Elementary School

The Challenge

Section off classroom space for smaller lessons

The Solution

Any educator knows that they sometimes have to get creative with their classroom space. Their classroom, after all, is one of their most important tools to teach. A teacher at Island Lake Elementary School realized that she needed a designated area for small group lessons in her classroom. She decided to look for partitions to give these students some privacy as a solution. After reaching out to Screenflex, she was able to find the perfect room dividers for her classroom needs.

One of the reasons Screenflex partitions work so great in a classroom is the tackable fabric. This feature allows teachers to pin student artwork or other signage in the classroom with ease. The blue color of the fabric also perfectly matches the rest of the room. Since the end frame casters lock in place, these partitions can easily stay put wherever you want them in the room. While this teacher positioned the classroom dividers in straight lines, they can also fold accordion-style to create a variety of other shapes. Create small group spaces for lessons, block off storage space, or even create two classrooms out of one with Screenflex portable walls.

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