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Ballistic Whiteboard Divider

The Location

School Cafeteria

The Challenge

Portable whiteboard that doubles as a protective surface

The Solution

The Screenflex Multipurpose Ballistic Barrier is an excellent addition to any public facility. Not only do the ballistic panels offer extra protection and safety in the case of an emergency, but they also double as a multipurpose whiteboard and tackable surface for everyday use. Like any protective device, the goal is not to use this whiteboard divider for its ballistic qualities but to have it available as a preventative measure. The dry-erase surface allows teachers, coaches, or business team managers to continue business as usual in their day-to-day activities while also providing extra safety. This protective barrier looks like a simple classroom tool, so it doesn’t appear intimidating.

Give you and your students peace of mind in an emergency by ensuring your classroom is ready. These panels have an ASTM-E84 CLASS A fire rating and meet the performance levels of UL 752 Level 3 and NIJ Standard 0108.01 Type III-A

This ballistic whiteboard divider can add value to your classroom, library, or workspace while increasing safety precautions.


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