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Gymnasium Classroom Dividers for Social Distancing

The Location

Granville Central School- New York

The Challenge

Create Additional Classroom Space in the School's Gymnasium

The Solution

Schools are ever-changing with curriculum, student/teacher population, and in 2020, with social distancing requirements. When there is an overflow of students, educators sometimes need to get creative with how they fit all their students in their classroom space. If teachers have too many students for their capacity limits, creating additional classroom space becomes the next step. Granville Central School‘s solution was to create extra space for some classes to use while maintaining social distancing guidelines. By using classroom dividers in the school’s gymnasium, these teachers could accommodate their overflow number of students.

As shown in the pictures, Granville School used Screenflex Room Dividers to help shape this new gym classroom. These teachers were looking to cover approximately 30ft of space. They opted for two of Screenflex’s 13-panel Standard Dividers for the job. When these partitions are attached, they are longer than the allocated space. However, they were folded in a way that allows space on the other side of the divider as well. These dividers are perfect for any classroom setting, even a gymnasium because they are portable and sound-absorbent. In a setting with high vaulted ceilings, any reduction of noise is always helpful. Each teacher can also personalize these temporary walls since the fabric choices are tackable. As shown, these teachers took full advantage of this feature.

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