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Forensic Science Classroom Division

The Location

Sandhills Community College- Pinehurst, NC

The Challenge

Divide one space into three classrooms

The Solution

Sandhills Community College showcases how to make the most of its space in its forensic science department. Forensic science education needs both lab space and a sit-down classroom, but division between the two is essential. The college’s solution to their division needs was to place an assortment of room dividers between each area. By reaching out to Screenflex, these educators were able to find the best product for their classroom.

Sandhills College decided on getting the Screenflex Standard Room Dividers for their facility. These partitions create privacy from one space to another and help absorb sound. They use some of the newly created lab spaces for creating practice crime scenes, which explains the dummies in the photos and video. When asked why they chose Screenflex’s products, our contact mentioned that the quality is unmatched— a fact that Screenflex prides itself on. Our goal when manufacturing our room dividers is to provide a product that lasts for years or even decades. Since these partitions are portable and easily adaptable, this forensic science department can either maintain its current classroom space division or redesign it in the future.

See the video below for a tour of their space:

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