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Classroom Tool with Ballistic Protection

The Location

Classroom corner

The Challenge

Provide a ballistic barrier that doubles as a

The Solution

Due to the devastating trend of gun violence in schools and other public places, people are looking for protection. Since we at Screenflex specialize in portable walls, we added a classroom tool to our catalog that is successfully tested for ballistic protection as a way to help. Although these barriers are not a permanent solution to the gun violence issue, they can help protect those in need in the meantime.

As shown, this particular classroom uses two Ballistic Safety Barriers in everyday use. One has a whiteboard surface, and the other has a gray tackable fabric. These different coverings intend to offer facilities further use outside of their ballistic durability. Educators can use these daily barriers to display items and write on a dry-erase board. Since these tested ballistic protection materials look like standard classroom tools, they are less intimidating than other safety devices for daily use.

This multipurpose ballistic wall meets the performance levels of UL 752 Level 3 and NIJ Standard 0108.01 Type III-A. Along the bottom of each panel are total swivel lock casters. When locked, these casters are almost entirely immovable to the speed of projectiles up to the levels listed.

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