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Ballistic Protection Rating Guide

two Screenflex ballistic safety barriers There are a lot of projectiles and ammunitions out there, and the ballistic safety rating of your protection matters. Since we at Screenflex offer a Ballistic Safety Barrier in our catalog, we have detailed expertise about the safety levels of ballistic protection. In this article, we will delve into those levels that can help protect against various bullets, shrapnel, and other projectile threats. 

How many ratings are there for ballistic protection?

According to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), there are five existing ballistic safety levels. Level IIA is the least protective, and Level IV is the highest protection on the market. Below are the details of each of the five and what types of bulletproof products can include them.

Level IIA

There was originally a Level I, but it is no longer in circulation. Level IIA rating level is the current lightest and most basic form of ballistic safety protection. The NIJ tested this safety level to stop 9mm and .40 S&W ammunition from short-barrel handguns. Typically used in body armor, this level still offers flexibility for movement while offering minimal protection. 

Level II

The next level up offers slightly more protection than the former and is capable of stopping bullets fired from a 9mm or .357 magnum handgun. Some products that provide this level of ballistic safety include vests and helmets, both worn on the body. While this level is similar to the first, it offers more protection and peace of mind. 

Level IIIA

The next ballistic protection rating is considered a great all-around safety level for a variety of products. This level of protection is usually found in the bulletproof vests that police officers wear daily and is the most common level in body armor. Other products can include backpacks, helmets, and vehicles. The Ballistic Safety Barriers in our catalog also have Level III A protection. Products with this rating protect against 9mm rounds at 1400 ft per second speeds and .44 magnum rounds.

Level III 

Level III is the first safety rating that can stop bullets from a rifle. More specifically, this safety level offers protection against up to 7.62mm NATO FMJ lead core rounds that travel up to 2780 feet per second. Since products with this safety are more durable, they typically contain harder and heavier materials. This level of protection can be found in body armor, typically for police or SWAT members in risky situations, cars, and shields. 

Level IV

According to the NIJ, Level IV is the highest basic level of protection currently available in ballistic safety products. This safety level stops .30 caliber steel core bullets and is typically worn in body armor for military professionals.

In general, ballistic safety protection levels are essential to consider if you’re in a field with a high probability of firearm use. Learning what protection and safety levels suit your situation is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your team.

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