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Introducing the New CrowdFlex Barricade

Room dividers have always been excellent for crowd management and other separation uses. With a barrier in place, you can easily guide large groups of people where you want them to go. We at Screenflex primarily manufacture room dividers meant to act as temporary walls, but we realized that type of product doesn’t work for all kinds of crowd control. Sometimes customers need a barrier to direct foot traffic while having clear sight lines to the other side. To help companies and organizations manage their crowd traffic, Screenflex decided to create see-through barriers called the Crowdflex Acrylic Barricade.

What is a barricade?

A barricade is a physical barrier that prevents the movement of people, animals, or objects from one side to another. These separators are usually low enough for people to see over but still deter any traffic.

What is the See-through Crowdflex barricade made from?

Crowdflex barricades are non-yellowing ¾” acrylic material. These panels are long-lasting and sturdy enough to withstand foot traffic. To personalize the barricades, Screenflex offers logo printing as an optional upgrade to further decorate the customer’s space.

Single Panel Barricade

Where are Crowdflex Barricades used?

  • Concerts

Whether you’ve gone to a live show in person or watched a video of it on Youtube or Tiktok, you have probably seen barricades to help manage the crowds. If the show is a general admission ticket entry, there are typically barricades in front to prevent fans from climbing on the stage. These barriers also help form lines to get into the stadium or for merchandise. Crowdflex barricades are see-through and short enough for the average-height person to still see their favorite stars on the stage.

  • Doggy Daycares, Veterinarians, and Animal Training Facilities

Many types of animal facilities can use these barricades as pet containment systems. Usually, the employees at these places need enclosures to keep their animals safe and prevent them from running away. Since Crowdflex is low to the ground, it prevents animals, particularly dogs or animals of a similar size, from crawling underneath. The solid plexiglass panel also keeps animals in the enclosure because there are no gaps in between. The low height and the ability to see through the panels allow animal workers to have clear visibility for supervision needs.

  • Movie theaters and convention centers

At a movie theater or other public event gathering, crowd control barriers are used to manage the lines to get into the venue. While these barriers are usually in the form of rope stanchions at movie theaters and convention centers, they sometimes need something a little sturdier. Adding optional logo printing allows these theaters to personalize each major release with movie posters or other graphics.

  • Airport security

If you have traveled by airplane, you know how tight security is at the airport. For that reason, airports need to have excellent crowd control. The TSA checkpoints especially can have a bottleneck of people as queues start to form. Airports use a combination of stanchions and clear barricades to help direct the flow of foot traffic. Crowdflex see-through barricades can help organize the checkpoints and direct people where to go.

Crowd Management Tool

If you are looking into different tools for crowd management, reach out to one of our sales consultants to see if the Crowdflex Acrylic Barricade is right for you.

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