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Customizable Space Division in Classroom

The Location

Washington Middle School, Glendive MT

The Challenge

Dividing a large classroom into multiple areas for smaller groups

The Solution

If you are a teacher, you know that you can always use new ways to adapt your space. After all, teachers wear a lot of hats and in the same respect, so do their classrooms. For instance, teachers at Washington Middle School needed new ways to adapt their space. When they reached out to Screenflex, they found out they could create customizable space division in their classroom by simply using room dividers.

The beauty of these photos is their showcase of the shapes Screenflex dividers can create. The accordion-style partitions fold so you can make an “L,” “U,” and a variety of other styles. These panels also fold compactly into a 2 ft by 3 ft space for storage. Since Washington School’s dividers are portable, they can also move anywhere in the room to change the design as they go. Not only do these partitions adapt your space, but they also contain honeycomb cores that help absorb some sound into little pockets. This feature can help limit distractions as well as offer some auditory privacy. The school leaders were pleased with their screens and said that “the Screenflex room dividers are the perfect solution for dividing large classrooms.” It’s safe to say that Screenflex products can create excellent customizable space division in any classroom setting.

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