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Ballistic Safety Divider Customization

The Location

School Cafeteria

The Challenge

Utilizing the Best Ballistic Safety Barrier for your Facility

The Solution

As with all of Screenflex’s products, the Ballistic Safety Divider offers the customer a certain level of customization. These single-panel units have the option of three different coverings to choose from. These options include tackable fabric in black and gray coloring and a whiteboard surface. These options allow the protective barriers additional purpose for day-to-day use. The tackability lets you post signage in a cafeteria setting to advertise upcoming events or lunch rules. If extracurriculars happen to meet in shared spaces like the lunch room, they can use these panels as a tool. Coaches and other group leaders can benefit from the dry-erase surface as a visual aid.

Even though these panels are almost immovable when locked, they are effortlessly portable as soon as you unlatch the casters. This feature allows you to move the barrier around the room to the desired location but then locks it in place to prepare you for an emergency. This ballistic safety divider helps adds to the customization of your space’s design while still offering some protection from a bullet or other projectiles.

Make the most of your facility with these portable protective barriers.

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