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Cafeteria Barriers

The Location

School Cafeteria

The Challenge

Limit Contagion in Between Tables

The Solution

Since people are eating and most likely talking in a cafeteria, germs can pass easily from person to person. The best tactic in the case of a disease outbreak would then be to limit only one person to a table; however, it can get very lonely since meal times are traditionally a social experience. A better alternative for socialization would include minimizing the number of people at a table and placing clear cafeteria barriers in between each one. By using portable walls,  airborne pathogens are less likely to pass from person to person.

As shown above, Screenflex Clear Dividers act as a cafeteria barrier between tables. With see-through panels instead of fabric coverings, these dividers allow people to still communicate through the other side. They also allow light in from any potential windows in the room, which can make the eating space feel less crowded. The plexiglass material is easy to clean at the end of the day or in between lunch periods. When the fear of disease outbreak lessens or disappears, these portable screens easily roll out of sight and store compactly. For the best germ spreading prevention, use freestanding plexiglass dividers.

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