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Small Business Facility Decisions

The Location

Adobe Creek Brewing

The Challenge

Adapting existing facility space for growth and changes

The Solution

One of the biggest decisions a small business owner must make is choosing the right size facility. They would need a place that not only accommodates their current needs but also offers room for growth and opportunity. The next decision is whether you should rent or buy? Both of these decisions contribute to the overall success of your business and take careful thought. Having a vision for a potential space requires looking beyond the existing permanent walls. Don’t let the interior layout limit your company’s potential growth. Portable room dividers on wheels allow you to subdivide your space into rooms or work areas to best serve your needs. The stylish room dividers support various business atmosphere styles from open concepts, cubicles, to hospitality arrangements.

As pictured here, the Adobe Creek Brewing company began as a small brewing company in the owner’s garage. As the success of their brews took off, they expanded operations at a newly purchased site. With continued requests for on-site tastings, they needed to transform their existing space to handle the potential business growth opportunities. As a result, Screenflex Clear Room Dividers provided protection between the customers and the fermenting machines, as well as easy access to the machines by staff. This simple addition of clear dividers allowed the brewing company to meet FDA regulations, foster efficient business operations, with little expense. This case study is an excellent example of a way that a small business can grow and also improve facility space that didn’t measure up to their needs.