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Patient Privacy Walls

Market: Healthcare
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The Location

Medical Center

The Challenge

Create Hospital Rooms with Patient Privacy Walls

The Solution

In a hospital setting, rooms need to be adaptable to any emergencies. Since most medical emergencies are not planned, save for maybe pregnancy, hospitals need a contingency plan for many people coming in at once. Sometimes, the medical staff has to create a room within a room for this reason. How do they adapt their space in the event of triage or even a pandemic? They use Screenflex Patient Privacy Walls to temporarily divide their space.

In this photo, the hospital uses Standard Dividers for its medical privacy screens. These partitions are freestanding thanks to the casters and frames on either end. This design creates a sturdy base for a secure portable barrier. The vinyl fabric also is simple to clean and even comes with antimicrobial treatment for extra sanitization. Each panel absorbs sound giving the patient not only visible privacy but also a quieter environment as well. When there are not as many patients that need their own space, the screens quickly close up accordion-style and can store compactly in a 2ft by 3ft area against the wall. Hospitals everywhere are taking advantage of their patient privacy walls during crises and other everyday uses.

Patient Privacy • Noise Reduction

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