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Retractable Wall-Connected Office Divider

Market: Office
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The Location

Public Workspace

The Challenge

Create office privacy in a stationary spot

The Solution

Creating office privacy is essential to any facility and can benefit the employees’ productivity. While they don’t all necessarily need completely closed-off rooms, having some wall or barricade can go a long way. Screenflex realized this need and added a different type of divider in addition to their freestanding line, the WallMount. This retractable wall-connected divider is perfect for any office space requiring stationery division.

As shown, the WallMount Divider functions the same as the freestanding ones except for the obvious; it’s connected to a wall. The panels also fold accordion-style, which allows the creation of multiple shapes, including the “right angle” shown in the photo. This formation allows the most privacy for the person at the desk without fully enclosing them. Since this is a taller unit, the steel end frame is included to help maintain the screen’s stability. On shorter partitions, this end frame is not necessary. The bright green fabric not only offers a modern pop of color to this office but is also tackable if these workers need to display items. If the office needs to become an open floor plan again, this retractable wall-connected divider folds compactly for tight storage.

Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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