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Workspace Privacy Walls

The Location

Workplace meeting rooms

The Challenge

Create privacy for workplace offices and meeting rooms

The Solution

When it comes to a public workplace, distractions are almost a guarantee. There is no perfectly quiet working environment due to coworkers chatting and/or business meetings. For this reason, adaptable privacy walls are a welcome addition to any workspace. The best temporary walls in the market are Screenflex portable room dividers. By making these partitions, you can add meeting rooms, offer quiet workspaces, or block off unneeded areas.

As shown, four blue Standard Room Dividers create semi-private offices in this workspace. These partitions fold at a right angle to create a “room-like” appearance around each meeting space. There are also swing-style doorways in between each office for easy entrance and exit. Although these screens are portable, the casters along the bottom of the end frames lock to help keep the divider in place. This feature enables you to keep the shape of the new walls without regularly needing to readjust them.

Screenflex privacy walls also provide more safety for your workspace than other room dividing devices. All casters are self-leveling and effortlessly move over any surface without the risk of toppling over. Additionally, the partition’s design is structured with its heaviest weight at the bottom and the lightest weight up top. This bottom-heavy style keeps the center of gravity low, making it harder to knock over. In general, these features put together into one product can help most workspace needs.

Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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