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New Product Lab Space

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The Location

Thermo Fisher Scientific-San Jose, CA

The Challenge

Section off lab before a new product launch

The Solution

Thermo Fisher offers countless products in the science and medicine industry and regularly adds to their catalog as well. Before launching their new product recently, they needed to section off their lab space. By reaching out to Screenflex Portable Partitions, this company created a temporary solution to add privacy to their lab.

This company purchased two Standard Room Dividers to help them with the task. These particular partitions are 7’4″ in height, which shields the average person from looking in. Each panel also includes a honeycomb core that absorbs and traps pockets of sound. Combining both of these traits offers this company visual and auditory privacy.

The doors in the middle are an option that helps create division and a clear walkway to get in and out. These doors swing 180 degrees, allowing foot traffic to come and go from either direction. This feature is excellent when you want your room divider to mostly stay in place but want to prevent a safety hazard.

In general, Screenflex products were an excellent addition in creating a secure space for Thermo Fisher’s lab as they prepare for their new product.


Divide Office Space • Limit Distractions • Reduce Noise

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